Creche and Kids Church

Our church conducts age appropriate, friendly, structured programs for kids who come to church. Our kids group ‘leaders’ have each undertaken our Safe Ministry program which is so that everyone who walks through the doors of this church can know that they are in a safe and supportive community.

Creche & Kid’s Church are conducted in the ‘Hub’ building, which is the building beside the school. These programs help our kids to learn a little about Christ and at the same time can allow parents/carers freedom to hear the church talk without distraction.

While it is preferred if kids DO move to Creche & Kid’s Church; Parents & Carers are welcome to keep their children with them in church. You can also opt or stay with your children at crèche should you wish (but not in kid’s church).

Crèche is on weekly, for children under school age (apart from Easter and Christmas).

Kids Church is conducted fortnightly, for K- 6 during the school terms.


If you plan on attending creche regularly with your child, we would prefer if you undertook our Safe Ministry program.